Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Mayor Gordon Invites PLEA to Speak at Council Session

efficiency_studyRecently a report was released from Berkshire Advisors, a consulting firm that was contracted by the city to do several efficiency studies.  The police department was one of the groups analyzed by Berkshire and the results were susbsquently published in a 93 page report that was discussed at a City Council work study session on Tuesday, May 4th, 2011.

Mayor Gordon invited PLEA to be present and to provide comment at the meeting.  PLEA takes issue with several of the recommendations put forth in the report and voiced these concerns to the assembled group.  Mayor Gordon also took issue with the report when he voiced concerns about the notion of equating “efficiency” with good policing.  Mayor Gordon was quoted as saying “Yes we can be more efficient, but at what cost safety wise?”  Gordon went on to say, “The more officers we have, the better.  As stewards of the future, I reject the notion that we cut back on public safety.”

PLEA extends thanks to Mayor Gordon for the invitation and for soliciting our input on these issues of extreme importance to the membership.

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