Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Messsage for the Councilman

Unlike national labor unions and fraternities that Councilman DiCiccio is focusing on, the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) is not directed by a national east or west coast union agenda but the local success of our City.  PLEA is directed by Phoenix Police Officers who are members.  In addition, like City Councilmembers, PLEA members are also accountable to fellow taxpaying community partners who live with us in our neighborhoods.  This is why, along with holding all levels of police employees to the same high standards as well as aggressive representation for rank-and-file officers and detectives, PLEA makes community partnerships a top priority.

PLEA has neither the desire nor the mandate nor the authority nor the time to “take over City hall” as Councilman DiCiccio has communicated to our neighbors.  Perhaps it will be helpful to remind Councilman DiCiccio that PLEA….

  • …for the first time in the history of the City, facilitated a 3.2% wage and benefit concession in order to overcome the budget crisis that impacted our families around the Valley.
  • …worked with the City to modify retiree health care benefits.  A change was made from a defined benefit (un-funded liability) plan to a defined contribution plan (pay as you go) in order to assist the City with GASB 45 (government accounting standards board) concerns.  PLEA assisted the City’s unfunded liability financial reporting requirements.  Our partnership with the City in this situation maintained the City’s bond rating and subsequently the continuation of vital City services.
  • …with other public employee groups provided the City over the past two years $20M in healthcare trust fund money (funds that belong to public sector employees).
  • … in 2000 publicly opposed and subsequently stopped Phoenix Police sergeants and lieutenants from “spiking” their pensions like City management (ex. Frank Fairbanks) is allowed to do.  “Magically” renaming accrued sick leave as pensionable income is disingenuous to the taxpayers, harms the pension and is violates the rules of the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS).
  • …worked with the State Legislature to address much-needed pension reform in the form of increased contributions, lower cost of living adjustment, increased length of service, and loss of pension for felony convictions to name a few.
  • …works with City and State legislators to continue to protect state-shared revenues.  This funding is crucial in maintaining City services for the vulnerable in our community – the elderly, disabled, and youth.
  • …promoted the rule of law through support of SB1070.  With our cops and Hispanic community partners feeling the blunt and brutal result of the lawlessness and loss of life connected with the crime of illegal immigration, PLEA’s goal was to facilitate the success of our local federal immigration partners through a discretionary, lawful, proactive phone call to ICE.  Perhaps this is a reason for a 30-year low crime rate in Phoenix.
  • …makes charitable giving to the community a priority.  Some of PLEA’s community investments that Mr. DiCiccio might be unaware of include:
  • Special Olympics
  • Sojourner Center (domestic violence shelter)
  • St. Vincent DePaul (poor and homeless)
  • River of Dreams (outdoor adventures for persons with disabilities)
  • Sheriff’s Youth Assistance Foundation
  • Downtown Urban Community Kids (DUCK)
  • Kids Street Park
  • Silent Witness
  • Apprenticeship to  Jesus community garden (on PLEA property)
  • Cesar Chavez Foundation
  • Require the Prior
  • Phoenix Police Explorers
  • Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD)
  • Espiritu NFL Charter School (underprivileged South Mountain students)
  • Judicial Watch (government transparency)
  • Arizona Black Law Enforcement Association (ABLE)
  • Franklin Police/Fire Academy
  • Teleos Prep Academy (inner city charter school)
  • Private citizen donation (drowned child)
  • United We Stand (military fund raiser for US troops in Afghanistan)
  • Maryvale  Revitalization Corporation
  • Tour de Force (support for 9-11 families)
  • Camp Kesem – ASU (children whose parents have cancer)
  • NAACP scholarships
  • Rewards for citizens’ assistance
  • Private medical assistance for citizen without insurance
  • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  • Parents of Murdered Children
  • Needy children in Pinal County (PCSO)

Surely Mr. DiCiccio understands the unique job and commitment of those public employees who run TO gunfights and TOWARDS conflict.  Surely Councilman DiCiccio realizes that it is not only immoral but illegal for Phoenix Police Officers to strike.  Surely Councilman DiCiccio doesn’t expect Phoenix Police Officers to enforce the rule of law for free.  Surely Mr. DiCiccio doesn’t believe the reasonable protections, pay, and benefits negotiated by PLEA for Phoenix Police Officers are in any way capable of bringing fallen officers back from the dead or mending the deep scars of those injured while “stepping in the gap” or filling the huge personal holes in the lives of our police families who have been devastated by the unique and constant dangers faced by law enforcement.   Surely Councilman DiCiccio knows he can continue to come to the PLEA office to discuss common sense solutions to pressing problems that our City faces.   Surely Councilman DiCiccio understands that regardless of downturns or upturns that impact the private sector of our City, PLEA’s public safety members won’t stop in assisting him and his peers on the Council with the needs of our community partners.

Past practice is a reliable indicator of future performance.  Because of this, it’s PLEA’s hope that Mr. DiCiccio will have the assurance that the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association will continue to protect people and police and will not stop giving back to our communities despite the convenient, caustic political rhetoric that can so easily overshadow PLEA’s tireless commitment to our community.