Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Mirandized Nation

Mirandized Nation is a historically accurate recounting of the the events which ultimately led up to the famous 1966 Supreme Court case of Miranda vs. Arizona.  All in law enforcement are familiar with the final fallout of the case which mandated that persons placed under arrest be advised of their Constitutional right to remain silent or “Miranda rights” prior to being questioned.  At the time of the ruling, the Miranda decision sent shockwaves through the law enforcement community leading many to believe no suspect in their right mind would ever speak to the police once arrested and advised of their rights. While many are aware of the ramifications of Miranda, many aren’t aware it is a case with its roots deeply embedded in Arizona and specifically, the City of Phoenix.

Phoenix Police Officer Timothy Moore teamed up with veteran Arizona author Clark Lohr to bring this piece of important Arizona law enforcement history to life in the form of a fact based true crime story.  The authenticity of the work is due to countless hours of painstaking research involving the review of archived news accounts, police reports from years past and conducting first person interviews with those still living who had any connection to the case. The detail contained in the recounting of this landmark case will transport the reader to a bygone era in Phoenix as well as a bygone era on the Phoenix Police  department.

A portion of the proceeds received from Mirandized Nation are being donated to PLEA Charities, the Phoenix Police Museum and the Fraternal Order of Police.  PLEA has limited of copies of Mirandized Nation available for purchase at the PLEA office.