Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Off Duty Work Investigation Update

Now that PSB has had the opportunity to interview the officers involved in the Attorney General off-duty work investigation and acquire a better understanding of the situation, several involved officers have inquired about the possibility of having their off-duty work authorization restored.  On Thursday, January 20 at 11:00 a.m., PLEA Board members Joe Clure and Jerry Gannon met with Police Chief Jack Harris, Executive Asst. Chief Joe Yahner, Asst. Chief Blake McClelland, and PSB Commander Dave Harvey reference to “if” and “when” PLEA members might be able to regain their off-duty work privilege.  Chief Harris and Commander Harvey explained that there were a couple of minor follow-up interviews that need to be completed before they will be ready to make a decision.  It seems AG investigators may have “oversold” and “overstated” their case and concerns.  Chief Harris committed that this will not take long and that officers who will be permitted to work off-duty will be notified by PSB by the end of next week.  In addition to this, City Manager David Cavazos spoke with PLEA President Mark Spencer the same day and clearly communicated he fully supported giving officers their ability to work off-duty back as quickly as possible.