Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Officer Daley’s Assailant Sentenced

In the early morning hours of November 26, 2011, Phoenix Police Officer Anthony Daley and his partner, Officer Travis Aguirre, responded to the Dreamland Mobile Home Park, located at 3033 East Van Buren Street reference a trespassing call.

When the officers arrived, several people scattered and one subject ran towards an abandoned trailer, located in the southwest corner of the property. Officer Daley approached the opening of the abandoned trailer with Officer Aguirre just behind him, providing cover. As Officer Daley entered the darkened trailer, Joseph Sandoval was kneeling approximately 10 feet away from him pointing a fully loaded .40 caliber handgun at Officer Daley and he opened fire. The first bullet ripped through officer Daley’s vest, causing internal injuries and resting next to his spine. The second bullet tore through Officer Daley’s leg.

Sandoval fired multiple shots at both officers as they retreated to cover. A standoff quickly ensued, with Sandoval firing over 20 rounds at the perimeter officers every time they attempted to assist Officer Aguirre, who was trapped near the trailer. After a nearly 4 hour standoff, Sandoval was taken into custody without a single round being fired by Officers. The entire process was a model of police professionalism.

Officer Daley fully recovered from his injuries and resumed his duties working Patrol in Central City Precinct.

Deputy County Attorney Vince Goddard prosecuted the case and on November 26, 2012, the anniversary of the incident, Sandoval was convicted on eighteen felony counts.  At the time of the shooting and since then, Sandoval has demonstrated a clear contempt for law enforcement.

On February 15, 2013, Judge Potts sentenced Joseph Sandoval to 87.75 consecutive years for the eighteen felony counts including the Attempted Murder of Officer Daley.  Judge Potts ruled for some of the convictions to run consecutively and some to run concurrently.  The  bottom line is the 28-year-old Sandoval will have to serve the entire 87.75 years.  Other victim officers involved include Officer Travis Aguirre, Officer John Childress, Officer Bassam Ghani and Officer John Bradshaw.  PLEA would like thank Chief Garcia for his support of the rank and file by attending the sentencing and speaking on behalf of the victim officers.