Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

One Wonders…

In a response to the State’s objection to reconvene a grand jury, Officer Chrisman’s attorney, Craig Mehrens, shares some important issues involved in a PLEA member’s case.  We learn from this document that the domestic violence suspect, Danny Rodriguez, attempted to take Officer Chrisman’s gun from him.  We learn that Danny Rodriguez was reported to have hit his mother so hard she had a difficult time walking.  We learn that it was reported to investigators by the mother after the shooting that Danny Rodriguez had been using drugs.  And then we learn that one of the prosecutors in the case was disciplined by the Arizona Bar for veracity issues with jurors.  The misconduct was serious enough to warrant a 30-day suspension and being placed on probationary status for one year.  One wonders if this exonerating evidence and past history of misconduct might cause a county prosecutor to be placed on the Brady list.

CLICK HERE to read the motion from officer Chrisman’s attorney requesting a new grand jury.