Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Patrol Rifle Update

Patrol Rifle operators who attended the quarterly training session on Tuesday, December 1, 2009, had a pleasant surprise waiting for them.  Those who were carrying the originally issued full sized, twenty inch heavy barrel Colt AR15 had brand new rifles waiting to be picked up, prepared, and put through their paces on the range so they could be deployed on the street.  The Department was able to order and receive a number of Colt model LE6920 Law Enforcement Carbines.

Seventy-two of them will go out to the precincts for Patrol Rifle operators.  These rifles have sixteen inch barrels, a flat top receiver to facilitate the mounting of approved optics, and collapsible stocks.  The new variant should come as a welcome relief  to those who were used to the standard 20″ heavy barrel fixed stock versions that had previously been issued.

PLEA would like to personally acknowledge the following individuals for their efforts: Lt. Jim Burgett and his rifle staff – Sgt. Brett Draughn, Officers Jack Villa, Pat Crouse, and Mark Nelson, Property Management Bureau Lieutenant Scott Sowerwine and Detective Stacie Dergie for identifying the rifles which needed replacement and Commander Gail Kavanagh for facilitating the process.

PLEA would also like to acknowledge those members of the Command Staff who helped facilitate the process, which was truly a team effort.