Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

PSPRS Pension Reform Update

On Thursday, January 28, 2016, PLEA and the Professional Fire Fighters of Phoenix [PFFA] hosted a town hall meeting regarding proposed reforms to PSPRS that have been discussed and worked out with all stakeholders, including Police and Fire, as well as state legislators.

PLEA Treasurer/Chief Negotiator Will Buividas, who is also an elected member of the Pension Board, along with PFFA President Bryan Jeffries, conducted a detailed presentation explaining the pension reform agreement.  While it is almost an hour long, it covers all aspects of how we got to this position and what the plan is to fix PSPRS.  Please take the time to watch the video.

This document provides a summary of what was agreed on for current PSPRS members including those hired prior to and after 2012, as well as those who won’t be hired until 2017. 

Note that due to editing, the video starts at the one minute mark.