Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Pension Refund Rumor Control

On Sunday, September 10th, PLEA was informed of an official looking announcement being circulated via social media titled PSPRS Updates.

The announcement dated Saturday, September 9, claimed that Tier 1 employees due refunds would not receive them on September 15 as previously promised and that the city of Phoenix had entered into an alternate method of of refund/credit and that further details would be provided no later than June 30, 2018.   


Apparently, someone thought an official looking message of this type would be a good way to prank someone else.  The unfortunate downside is the information was posted and circulated via social media and began growing legs.  Any new information with regard to pension issues has serious impact for many people.  False information of this type leading  people to believe thousands of dollars in payments due them will be put on hold till further notice creates panic causing a deluge of inquiring phone calls which in turn create unnecessary excess work for folks who now have to determine the validity of the info being circulated.   

The first clue as to the falsity is that it is highly unlikely information of this type would be posted on a Saturday.  Second, there is no information corroborating the contents of the message on the official PSPRS website.  PSPRS typically works hard to keep very current information available on their website as well as pushing e-mail blasts out to their members.   Third, an announcement of this impact and magnitude would have more than likely come out through official city channels ahead of time. 

When it comes to pension issues our recommendation is to ALWAYS check the PSPRS website first or call them direct to run down rumors.