Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Phoenix No. 2 in the World for Kidnappings

A recent ABC news report released yesterday shows that Phoenix is the kidnap capital of the U.S. and ranks second only to Mexico City for the most kidnappings in the world.

Although news stories in the past have pointed these facts out, PLEA took the lead in shining the spotlight on the issue forcing local and national media alike to take a hard look a the issue.

Your Association has been out front in making it known that the issues of illegal immigration, human smuggling, and drug smuggling have a direct correlation to the level of crime seen in the community.  Of the over 360 kidnappings that occurred in Phoenix in 2008, all were tied to illegal immigration in some way shape or form.

In June of 2008, several heavily armed gunmen equipped with police raid gear, modern assault weapons, and body armor conducted what amounted to an assasination mission in a west Phoenix residential neighborhood.  The message was clear, the drug cartel violence that has been spilling across the border in numerous places has finally arrived in Phoenix.

PLEA along with rank and file officers and detectives called it correctly from the outset while police management chose to engage in spin and denial.  Click on the links to the right to read the related stories and listen to the audio.

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