Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Phoenix Pension Board Announcement on EORP v. Hall

On 060717, Phoenix’s PSPRS Local Board met and discussed updates on the PSPRS payouts related to the EORP v. Hall Decision.

  • A City HR representative advised that the refund disbursements will likely begin this fall. In the coming months, the City will be mailing a letter to each affected member explaining the process and advising members on how they can defer the refund into their 457 accounts; otherwise, it will be taxed.  Nationwide is working with the City to facilitate this process.  Please make sure your mailing address is updated in ECHRIS to ensure you receive this letter.
  • Soon you should be able log in to your PSPRS account and see what your individual payout will be, exclusive of any court-awarded interest.  For those who do not already have it set up, please visit and follow the instructions.
  • Current and retired employees will be paid at the same time.

PLEA will keep you updated as we receive information from PSPRS and our Local Board.