Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Phoenix Public Policy Day a Success

On Thursday, February 21, 2013, PLEA, in partnership with Citizens for Phoenix hosted Phoenix Public Policy day.

More than 75 leaders from across the City participated in a day focusing on making Phoenix the best it can be.

Community leaders included Ann Malone, Paul Barnes, Neil Haddad, as well as representatives from neighborhood associations from all over the City

Guest speakers included Mayor Stanton, County Attorney Bill Montgomery, and City Council Members Danny Valenzuela, Mike Johnson, and Jim Waring.

Additionally, Community Action Officers from each Precinct had the opportunity to eat lunch and talk with representatives from the various neighborhood associations, who expressed thanks for all that our front line Officers do to provide safety in our neighborhoods.

PLEA also provided an opportunity for attendees to sign up for the Arizona Legislative Information System, ALIS, which allows people to track and comment on pending State Legislation.

CLICK HERE to sign up if you’re not already in the system.

CLICK HERE to contact Citizens for Phoenix.