Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

PLEA Addresses Discriminatory Employment Practices

PLEA Sends Letter Asking for Independent Investigation and Accountability Reference Blatant Discriminatory Employment Practices

On November 9th, 2012, PLEA sent a letter to City Manager David Cavazos asking for an independent investigation reference the protocol used in the selection of officers to attend the Presidential inauguration in Washington, D.C. The selection process used to select from the eligible officers from the NET teams appears to have been made based exclusively on race and gender, thereby excluding some officers.  PLEA believes this violates EEO policies.

It appears clear that the decision to make the selection of officers in this manner came directly from Chief Garcia, Assistant Chief Montgomery, and Commander Brase. It is unknown at this time if others were involved.

Furthermore, PLEA believes that the policy of the City and the Phoenix Police Department is very clear as to the course of action and consequences for such violations. However, given the history of the department and the City regarding matters of EEO and the fact that those involved are the highest ranking members of the Police Department, we are not confident that this matter can be internally adjudicated fairly and impartially, or at all.

Therefore, PLEA has requested an outside investigation into this matter. Click the links below to view the related documents.

CLICK HERE to view the complaint letter from PLEA to the City Manager.

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CLICK HERE to view managements basis for the denial of the grievance.

CLICK HERE to read the City of Phoenix Administrative Regulation on Equal Employment Opportunity.

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