Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

PLEA Asks Mayor and Council for Commitment to Resolve Staffing Crisis

On Tuesday March 21, 2017, PLEA hand carried letters to the offices of the Mayor and City Council asking for a firm commitment with regard to finding the needed funds to properly staff the Phoenix Police Department.  PLEA held a press conference on December 5, 2016, in order to alert the public to the staffing crisis facing the department.  Since then, we have met individually with the Mayor, each member of the Council and the City Manager to go over issues related to recruitment, hiring and proper staffing levels.,

Presently, the city is looking to hit a target number of 3,125 officers.  This is 260 fewer officers than we had in 2008 and is completely unacceptable for a city of the size of Phoenix.  Our position has been consistent and that is; Phoenix needs to be staffed at a ratio of 2.5:1000 with regard to officers to citizens.  PLEA will keep pressing the issue with the city until an acceptable resolution is reached. 

CLICK HERE to read the letter.