Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

PLEA Board Adopts Resolution

On Tuesday September 19, 2017, the PLEA Board, at its monthly board meeting, adopted a resolution.

The resolution is narrow and specific in scope and addresses the issue of members who might threaten or actively pursue an unfair labor practice (ULP) against the PLEA to either challenge or seeking to revoke  PLEA’s certification as the sole certified bargaining unit for Unit 4 members.

The following language was adopted by unanimous consent of the Board. 

“PLEA is the certified bargaining agent of Unit IV. PLEA’s mission is to “promote the positive role of the police profession” and “protect and secure members’ rights and benefits through effective representation and professional relationships with the community and local, state, and national governments.” An unfair labor practice filed against PLEA seeking the revocation of PLEA’s certification or any attempt to seek the decertification of PLEA is not in the best interest of PLEA or its members and would be destructive to the achievement of PLEA’s purpose as stated in Article I of PLEA’s Constitution and Bylaws. Accordingly, this Board recognizes that any action taken by a Board or active member that threatens decertification or the revocation of PLEA’s certification will constitute misconduct under Article XXII, section 1 and the offending member and any pertinent fees or stipends will be immediately suspended with a complaint filed seeking expulsion from membership.”