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PLEA Charities Helps Keep a Family Cool

The Gutierrez Family, who has lived in this home at 2405 West Tonto Street for the past twelve years, spent approximately one month without air conditioning after the unit they had stopped working in early June.

Unable to pay for the cost of a replacement unit, homeowner Olga Gutierrez, who volunteers extensively in her community,  initially sought to obtain assistance through the Phoenix Revitalization Corporation.  Because of limited funding and Olga’s address being just outside the limits the Phoenix Revitalization Corporation’s boundaries, Eloisa Johnson, program manager for their Fixit Program fell back on a previous relationship with PLEA Charities.

Through the collective efforts of the Phoenix Revitalization Corporation, Interstate Air Incorporated, of Gilbert, Arizona, the Gutierrez family, and PLEA Charities, at approximately 1:00 p.m. on July 2, 2012, a brand-new air conditioning unit was installed on the home and was up and running within an hour, bringing the family much needed relief from Arizona’s intense summer heat.

Olga said she was extremely thankful for the assistance and as a volunteer herself, knows what it feels like to give of herself to help others.