Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

PLEA has first Labor Management with Chief Williams

On Friday, April 14, 2017 Members of the PLEA board met with Chief Williams and her leadership team to discuss issues of mutual concern.  Among the topics discussed was increase on take home vehicles combined with stand by pay for specific detective details, DRB/UFB reforms, provisions to allow a meeting with the Chief for officers found out of policy on use of force, compressed discipline,  ADA/Transitional duty, Class D uniforms, outer vest carriers with the allowance of Tasers and radios on the vest, and staffing issues.  PLEA would like to thank the fourth floor for facilitating this meeting that was much overdue. 

PLEA would also like to thank Dr. Clay Dix for facilitating the meeting.

Committees will need to be formed due to the complexities of many of the issues discussed.  PLEA, PPSLA and management will meet in subcommittees to come up with solutions.  These committees are being fast tracked with 1-3 month timelines for rapid resolution.  The goal with regard to Class D’s is to complete uniform testing by June, selection of a final approved uniform by July with an approved class D uniform before uniform checks are issued in August.  PLEA  is continuing to push for approval of Tasers and Radios to be worn on the outer vest carrier and are confident that we will reach some type of amicable compromise with management on this issue.  We will keep the membership apprised of developments as they occur.  

Members of the PLEA Board with members of PD management at the April 14, 2017 Labor Management meeting (Chief Williams not pictured due to having to depart for another meeting prior to the end of the L&M meeting).