Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

PLEA Hitting Squad Briefings

PLEA Board members are hitting precinct briefings to meet with rank and file personnel across the city in an effort to update you on our efforts to increase staffing levels beyond the City Manager’s current plan as well as other relevant issues.  We have already completed squad briefings in Maryvale and Estrella Mountain precincts and are currently meeting with double squads in DHP and Sunnyslope.  We will be coming to the other precincts in the coming weeks.

Although initial meetings will be out in the precincts where the shortage continues to be widely felt, we will also reach out to detective bureaus and specialty details on a scheduled basis. If you would like to make a scheduling request to have board members meet with your unit, please call the PLEA office and indicate general times and dates that may work for your unit when as many as possible can be assembled.

In December, when we rolled out our campaign to push for the city to ramp up its hiring efforts, we wanted to engage the public and the media to let everyone know what we’ve known for years: we are woefully understaffed and it’s not getting better.

In the past two months we have met with citizens, elected officials, city staff and media–and we will continue to do so.

As we said at the March 8, 2017 Public Safety subcommittee hearing: this problem isn’t going away, and neither are we.  We will continue to keep the staffing issue front and center until we get a solid commitment from city leaders to staff the police department at a level of 2.5 officers per 1000 citizens which is what is needed to allow patrol to safely and effectively do their jobs, provide the proper level of police service to the citizens, and have enough detectives to handle the out of control caseloads they are having to contend with.