Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

PLEA + Meet and Confer + MOU = the 4/10 Work Schedule

The City of Phoenix enacted its Meet and Confer ordinance in 1975 and since then, PLEA has been the only certified bargaining representative for Unit 4 members defined as “Police Officers below the rank of Sergeant.”  PLEA and the City have had a binding memorandum of understanding (MOU) since 1975 and our current MOU is in effect until Jun 30, 2014.  One section within the MOU which affects Unit 4 members is work schedules and they are something that PLEA has negotiated with the City.

In 1980, thirty-two years ago, PLEA negotiated a pilot/experimental four-day work week, consisting of four ten-hour work days followed by three days off for Patrol, and remained in the MOU until 1985 when the “experimental” part was removed and the four day work week became a permanent Patrol shift.

Recently, there has been some discussion by management of moving Patrol back to a five day work week after twenty-seven years of a schedule which provides the most efficient and safe way to work.  The 4/10 schedule provides the necessary shift overlap for Officers to complete their duties as well as the highest number of Officers during peak call times on Friday and Saturday evenings.

CLICK HERE to read the letter authored by PLEA Treasurer/Chief Negotiator Will Buividas in regards to the history of the 4/10 Schedule which was sent to City Manager David Cavazos on August 7, 2012.

CLICK HERE for a link to an article about the Police Foundation’s 2011 Shift Length Experiment comparing eight, ten, and twelve hour shifts in policing.