Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

PLEA Speaks on PD Manpower Crisis at Public Safety Subcommittee

On Wednesday March 8, 2017, PLEA Attended the monthly Public Safety Subcommittee meeting held at City Hall.  As previously reported on the PLEA website, PLEA has, over the course of the last several weeks, met with every Councilperson to include the Mayor as well as the City Manager.  In these meetings we have methodically laid out all the facts with regard to the current PD manpower crisis. We have gone over the numbers, given detailed explanations and offered solutions.  We believe that the appropriate PD staffing level for a city with our population (1.6M) and geographic area (530 Square miles) is a ratio of 2.5 officers per 1000 citizens.  This would equate to 4200 officers.  See the video clip below for the comment presented by PLEA at the subcommittee.