Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

PLEA Speaks in Opposition to Citizen Review Panel

On Tuesday September 12, 2017, PLEA attended a Phoenix City Council Policy meeting.  One of the scheduled agenda items was a citizen petition from a Phoenix resident requesting the creation of a Phoenix Police Civilian oversight/review board.  Per the city ordinance, citizen petitions must be brought before the council and voted on with in 15 days.  The Council, by majority vote, voted to deny the petition due to the fact the city is already looking at potential forms of citizen review.

PLEA was also in attendance and spoke in opposition to the creation of a complete civilian review board and enumerated the reasons why we believe complete citizen oversight is unnecessary.  View the video and listen to the audio clips below containing commentary delivered by PLEA President Ken Crane at the Council meeting and on the KFYI Mike Broomhead morning radio show the following morning.   

CLICK HERE to listen to the audio segment aired on Sept 13 from the Mike Broomhead morning show.