Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

PLEA Speaks out on Officer Involved Shooting

On Dec 2, 2014 the Phoenix  Police Department had an officer involved shooting at an apartment complex in the vicinity of 2500 W. Greenway Rd.  An officer who had responded to a loud noise complaint was directed by an unknown citizen to a black Cadillac Escalade parked nearby and was told that it appeared the male occupant was selling drugs from the vehicle.  The officer attempted to detain the suspect to investigate further and the situation rapidly deteriorated into a fight where the suspect began repeatedly reaching into his waistband area for what the officer perceived to be a weapon.  This resulted in deadly force being used against the suspect.

In the ensuing days, the actions of the involved officer began to be scrutinized in the court of public opinion.  This occurred when many of the facts were not known and, true to form, it appeared that many were ginning up their own “facts” in what can only be viewed as an attempt to incite unfounded fear and anger in the public.  The Reverend Jared Maupin took to the airwaves while at area protests and seemed to feel it was appropriate to make unfounded baseless allegations and incite further angst among protesters for his own self serving interests by referring to both whites and blacks in racist terms.

PLEA felt it necessary to respond and on December 15, 2014 issued the following press release.

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