Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

PLEA Supports Water Rate Increase

The City of Phoenix is proposing to raise the combined water/sewer/wastewater rate by just over 4%. Over the past decade the water fund has had to take on debt (bonds) to build and maintain the infrastructure necessary to provide water and sewer to over 1.6 million residents. The proposed rate increase will allow the City to continue to make payments on those bonds. Without the rate increase the City’s bond rating would be lowered causing the City to have to spend money out of the General fund, which pays for Police and Fire, in order to pay down the debt. One of the downside risks of taking money out of the General fund could be potential layoffs of sworn Police Officers and Firefighters. Even with this increase the City of Phoenix will still have one of the lowest water/sewer rates in the country. Please let the City Council know that we support this minimal rate increase.