Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Police Commander Or Police Officer

On May 6, 2009, Phoenix Police Commander Harry Markley wrote an opinion piece in the Arizona Republic.  In his letter, Commander Markley opines about his support for “Police Chief” Jack Harris while positioning himself as nothing more than a rank and file police officer.

Commander Markley is apparently unaware that the Phoenix Police Department has been operating with out a Police Chief for the last two years.

After retiring over two years ago, Mr. Harris was hired back as the Public Safety Manager.  Commander Markley also seems to be unaware that the jobs of Chief of Police and Public Safety Manager have two completely different descriptions and job code numbers clearly delineating them as two seperate jobs.  One person cannot be hired to perform both job functions.

Commander Markley also seems to be unaware that the City Charter requires that the City of Phoenix Police Department be headed by a Chief of Police.  PLEA respects the right of Commander Markley to express his opinion and proclaim his support for Mr. Harris the same as any other citizen might.

By not identifying himself by his true rank, Commander Markley tries to give citizens of Phoenix the impression that he is just another beat cop working the mean streets who supports his “Chief.” When in reality Commander Markley, a member of upper level police mangement, hasn’t seen the inside of a patrol car for over 17 years.

Many rank and file officers that read this opinion piece might view it as nothing more than a Police Commander trying to curry favor with his superiors.

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