Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

PPD Mangement Denies EEO Problems

Lt. Bob Jones spoke on behalf of Phoenix Police management at City Hall on Wednesday, April 22. PLEA agrees with Lt. Bob Jones about diversity and successes in the Phoenix Police Department.

PLEA disagrees with his denial that EEO problems and management racial insensitivity are negatively impacting PLEA members. The many successes don’t negate the current failures that officers of a protected class are being exposed to by some in police management.

See the current EEO letter of concern to City Manager Frank Fairbanks and his letter to the Attorney General to look into officers’ allegations concerning police management EEO misconduct.

CLICK HERE to read the current EEO letter of concern sent to City Manager Frank Fairbanks.

CLICK HERE to see the letter from City Manger Frank Fairbanks to the State Attorney General’s office asking them to investigate.

CLICK HERE to read the April 23, 2009, AZ Republic article on the press conference written by reporter Michael Ferraresi.