Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Precinct Redraw, Ballot Initiative, and PSPRS Update

On June 5, 2014, PLEA President Joe Clure and Treasurer/Chief Negotiator Will Buividas attended the first public meeting regarding the elimination of one precinct and redrawing the boundaries to even out manpower due to staffing shortages.  Overall, the community is very supportive of rank-and-file Phoenix Police Officers and wants you to be safe.  However, they also realize this is just a band aid and the real answer is to hire more police officers.

The ballot initiative is finalized and will be filed with the City Clerk early next week. As soon as it is filed, we will have petitions available for pickup and will notify you as we do.  Based on the community’s current support and tone displayed at budget, contract, and precinct redraw meetings, this should be something the voters will get behind.

In regards to the Public Safety Retirement System, PSPRS, there are issues with the reversal of SB 1609 and the long-term impact it will  have on the system. PLEA is working with both PPSLA and the Professional Firefighters of Arizona to get PSPRS healthy again.

This video provides additional, detailed information about these three topics.

PLEA appreciates the PAC contributions which have been coming in as well as the leave donations, which allow us to continue to represent our members.  Note that you will be getting another 7 hours of additional leave in August for the new fiscal year, so we would appreciate you donating them back as well.