Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Precious Metals Dealers Raise Concerns

Westwood/N.A.I.L.E.M. leader Donna Neill, seeing the prolific explosion of gold dealers in her area and knowing that some are outlets for stolen jewelry and other property, approached Arizona State Senator Michele Reagan to Sponsor S.B. 1221: “Precious items dealers; permanent residence” bill.

The bill requires the “dealer” only conduct business at a “defined permanent place of business” as listed on their sales tax license. In addition it requires each dealer to keep records of the transaction for six months and to provide the sellers information to law enforcement within a week.  Violation is a class one misdemeanor.

If this bill is passed, it should help contain the unlicensed/unregulated gold dealers and bring their operations more in line with pawn shops and help curb the fencing of stolen precious metals.  PLEA would like to thank Donna Neill, Senator Michelle Reagan, the City, and particularly, Mayor Stanton, for their continued support of police and neighborhoods.

CLICK HERE to read a copy of the bill.