Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Proactive Immigration Policy Works

Chief Harris notified PPD employees that he attributed the drop in crime and improvement of services in Phoenix first and foremost to a proactive immigration policy.

PLEA was NOT asking to engage in routine immigration enforcement. PLEA consistently brought about the need for a new department policy that gave officers the discretion to contact ICE when they believed a person was in the country illegally.

Citizens and front-line officers clearly wanted proactive immigration policies, proactive immigration laws, and proactive partners (i.e., MCSO and MCAO). The result has clearly been an improvement in the quality of life for citizens in Phoenix.

Although not mentioned in the ENS, PLEA feels that it is important to acknowledge the efforts of the hard working Deputies and Posse members of MCSO who have contributed a great deal to the overall reduction of criminal activity.

CLICK HERE to read the ENS response on dropping crime stats.