Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Productivity Update

On Tuesday October 29th, 2013, PLEA and PPSLA met with Chief Garcia to reference a few issues, including productivity/quotas. The Chief relayed to us that he has reconsidered having a set number or a set average he expects officers to achieve every month. Over the past couple of months, the word “quotas” has been thrown around the Department and hopefully this will clear up any confusion. It appears that Chief Garcia realizes that every precinct, shift, and squad area have different issues that can affect one’s “stats”. Let’s be clear that PLEA doesn’t support any quotas and would like to thank the Chief for being considerate to our concerns. PLEA does support officers doing police work in Patrol and quite frankly, in all areas of the Department. We can’t and won’t justify Officers doing nothing. The taxpayers (who are our ultimate bosses) expect their police officers to be proactive and “hunt” bad guys. The Chief had a good quote which was, “good police work is contagious.” PLEA would like to encourage everyone to continue to engage in good police work and continue to serve the citizens as you always have. It is important to maintain the high level of citizen satisfaction that we have, while we go through this difficult time, with all the political issues reference our pay and pensions. If any supervisors are pressuring you to achieve specific numbers, please let us know so that we can address them. If not, go out there and have fun!