Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Property Detective Reassignments: On Hold for Now

On Monday September 30, 2013, PLEA and PPSLA met with Asst. Chief Renteria and Cdr. Tim Hampton re: previous information that had been put out about an impending move to decentralize certain portions of property crimes and move them back to precincts. Both PLEA and PPSLA brought numerous concerns to the table for managements consideration.  PLEA made it clear that our goal is to assist the department with an easy transition if decentralization is to occur by bringing forward suggestions and solutions that will make the process much smoother and avoid grievances and/or unfair labor practices.  PLEA President Joe Clure also let it be known that we are extrememly dissapointed in the department’s failure to include labor groups in the process on the front end especially post IBR when both sides have pledged to work in a more cooperative manner.  The following information/decisions came out of this discussion:

  • The trigger date of November 4th is being taken off of the table until other issues can be addressed.
  • If and when reasignments do occur, detectives will still be in plainclothes and will be handling their normal detective duties.  They will not be in uniform driving patrol cars.
  • If decentralization does occur, detectives will imediately be under the operational control of that precinct Commander.

PLEA and PPSLA suggested that management follow the existing model being used in the south zone where property crimes detectives already work in the precincts but still work for the chain of command in property crimes bureau. This current operating model has allowed property crimes to remain at all time lows.

It was made clear that decentralization will occur. Both labor groups will be having future meetings with management on this issue to in the interest of working out an agreement that all sides can live with.