Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Public Budget Meetings Begin This Week

City Budget Meeting begin this week and will be held throughout the month of April at a variety of locations.  The purpose of these meetings is to hear input from citizens on budget issues prior to a final budget being formulated.   PLEA encourages officers as well as their friends and family to attend at least a couple of these meetings to express the critical need to hire more police officers.  Your PLEA Board will make every effort to attend as many of these meetings as possible.

Keep in mind that officers cannot attend on duty or be in uniform, however, if you speak, it is permissible to say you are an officer.  Officers are encouraged to speak to how manpower shortages are impacting them as well as citizens including continued short staffing of Patrol squads and lengthy response times for citizens, while detectives can speak to increased case load and limited follow up.

PLEA is advocating a staffing level of 2.5 officers per 1000 citizens, which would total 4000 sworn officers.

  • The 2.5 level is derived from a 2003 IACP survey of US cities with populations of over 250,000 which showed 2.5 to be the average staffing level.
  • More recent census and police staffing data on the 10 largest US cities also show 2.5 officers per 1000 citizens to be the average staffing level. 
  • The City Manager is pushing for 3125 officers which is 260 short of where we were in 2008, which is unacceptable. 
  • The average response time on a priority one crime in progress call seven minutes.  The reality is that many officers have reported 15 plus minute response times on priority one calls. 
  • The city of Phoenix encompasses 530 Square miles.  A much larger patrol force is needed to effectively cover an area of this size

As leaders of the sixth largest city in the country, the City Manager and City Council need to hear first hand accounts of the realities of running short staffed and the citizens we serve also deserve to know what is really going on with their police department.

CLICK HERE for information regarding times and locations of these meetings.