Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Raising Money for Charity while Blasting Managerial Excess

Ann Malone, president of Require the Prior, continues to be a valuable PLEA partner for rank-and-file officers.  She not only raised $42,000 for PLEA Charities at the 3rdannual Indian School Block Party on November 7 (see attached letter), she holds city and police management accountable for pension abuses.  In a recent MSNBC web article series called the Red Tape Chronicles, Jack Harris is described as the “nation’s poster child for double-dipping.”

The article says:

“In this series on super-sized government pay, we’ve already met Phoenix police chief/public safety manager Jack Harris, who’s become the nation’s poster child for ‘double-dipping.’  He retired as chief in 2007 and began collecting a $90,000 pension. Two weeks later, he was hired for essentially the same job, retitled ‘public safety manager,’ and granted a salary of $193,000. Harris attracted nationwide attention after a lawsuit was filed by conservative interest group Judicial Watch. The lawsuit claims the public safety manager’s job was manufactured expressly to circumvent both pension rules and a state law aimed at curbing the practice.”

This is shameful.  What’s also shameful is upper-level management abusing the pension system that front-line workers rely on.  Ann took the time to share her concerns with News 12 (CLICK HERE to view video) about these abuses from police and city managers.

CLICK HERE to read the letter of thanks.