Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Ramping up the Spin & Deflection machine

As the DVG Reputation Repair Tour continues, Chief Garcia seems to believe the best defense is a good offense and is in full spin and deflection mode. He has gone so far as to go on camera (Fox 10 news) stating that there is no morale problem on the Phoenix PD.  He stated “I do not believe the morale of this organization is hurting right now.”  The Chief then went on to state that a 7% reduction in crime is anticipated this year and that doesn’t happen with officers that aren’t motivated.  Clearly the Chief doesn’t understand the difference between motivation to serve the citizens of Phoenix get the job done as opposed to organizational morale.  This would prompt one to ask; if there really is no morale problem, why are the BOTH labor associations representing rank and file and supervisory personnel comprising 99% of the departments sworn manpower calling for a vote of no confidence?

We fully expect to see Chief Garcia change his tune and begin to shift the blame for a state of morale that can currently be found in the basement on the following:

  • Prop 487 (winning the 487 fight, which the Chief wasn’t a part of, actually improved morale)
  • Attacks on pension spiking
  • Wage cuts and forced holiday leave
  • Lack of hiring

In other words, the Chief will attempt to portray an image that morale issues are tied to anything but his totalitarian management style and complete lack of leadership skills.

As the saying goes, keep your eye on the ball.  Stunts like this are nothing more than than the equivalent of a cheap carnival shell game designed to keep the public off balance. Garcia will more than likely take this route or one of a similar nature in order to deflect attention away from himself and try to place blame on issues that are largely out of his control.

Remember, a true leader is one who can admit when they are wrong, take responsibility for their actions and change course based on the advice and input from others. Narcissists, tyrants and megalomaniacs on the other hand, deny that problems exist and blame everyone but themselves.