Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Re-Bid Update

PLEA attended a Re-Bid meeting today (12/12/16) in order to provide input and get updates on where we stand on the current re-bid process.  Here is some of the latest information:

  • OIT’s that are finished with the FTO process by February will be required to participate in the Re-bid process.
  • Persons temped to specialty details from patrol will have to participate in the re-bid
  • The detectives back to patrol program will officially end Sunday February 19th
  • The index code for supplemental OT will officially end February 19th
  • There is a hard deadline of Friday December 16th to get all positions identified with regard to who is moving
  • As it stands now the department does not know if motors will remain centralized or if they will be decentralized.
  • Motors will not be part of the re-bid unless they are opting back into the patrol pool
  • The department will be publishing a FAQ sheet that will be on Police Point under 2017 Re-bid 
  • The department is going to move forward with civilianizing the Central Booking detail with a tentative completion date of June 30, 2017
  • Officers assigned to central booking need to plan accordingly with regard to opting in to the re- bid process