Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Resource Mismanagement

More Mismanagement of Limited Police Resources

It’s alarming when the safety of our communities is compromised through questionable Police Management’s use of scarce Patrol manpower.  While Mayor Gordon is in Washington, D.C. arguing against the rule of law facilitated by SB 1070, neighborhoods in Phoenix are robbed of Patrol services and proactive police strategies.  Reality tells us that our police vacancy rates and the City’s budget crisis can’t support the luxury of private security for political agendas.  Taxpayers, like their police officers, work too hard to forfeit a practical and safe Patrol presence because Police Management is out of touch with communities and cops.

PLEA has learned that Patrol resources in the Squaw Peak Precinct, which are already stretched thin (despite recent information put out by Chief Harris stating Patrol has never been more fully staffed than it is now) are being diverted from their primary responsibility of answering calls for service to take care of a task traditionally set aside for a particular specialty detail.  Instead of answering citizens’ calls for service, Patrol units are being used to provide security for the Mayor at his residence.