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Retired Phoenix Police Lieutenant’s Comments for Council

Retired Phoenix Police Department Jim Edmonson retired from the Phoenix Police Department after a successful 30-year career.  He  spent a majority of his career as both an officer and supervisor in the Department’s Tactical Response Unit, TRU.  Additionally, as a TRU instructor who trained and certified personnel assigned to the unit, he is very familiar with their policies and protocols.

Lieutenant Edmonson was in Downtown Phoenix on August 22, 2017 and spent time with Phoenix Police Officers assigned to TRU who were deployed for President Trump’s visit.  He also got to see first-hand most of what occurred during the event.

On August 30, 2017, Lieutenant Edmonson attended the City Council Meeting to provide public comment regarding the decision to hire OIR Group Inc. to conduct an outside review of the Phoenix Police Department’s actions following what occurred when counter-protesters turned violent the evening of August 22nd.

Like other citizens who planned to make pro-police comments, he never got the opportunity to speak after Mayor Stanton lost control of the meeting and it was taken over by hostile protesters pictured above, who refused to cede control back over to the council and interrupted others’ right to free speech to express their opinion.

CLICK HERE to read Lieutenant Edmonson’s statement.