Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

SB1609 Lawsuit Status

As many of you may know, there are numerous lawsuits relating to changes that the legislature made to our pension system in 2011, otherwise known as SB1609.  A few months ago, teachers won a lawsuit in which the courts stated that changes to existing employees contribution rates were unconstitutional and ordered that the teachers’ contribution rate be reduced.

Just the other day, a lawsuit brought by a retired judge reference the COLA, (Cost of Living Adjustment) was ruled on in favor of the judges.  PSPRS (Public Safety Retirement System) is now being ordered to restore the COLA mechanism for all retired EORP (Elected Officials Receiving Pensions) members (elected officials and judges). There is currently an active duty judges’ lawsuit in process and a lawsuit brought on behalf of active duty and retired Police Officers.

PLEA is in the process of enjoining the PSPRS lawsuits to ensure that YOUR rights are protected.  At this point there have been NO rulings in the PSPRS lawsuits reference active duty and retired Police Officers.  It should be noted that in the Judges’ case, the judge was very clear reference the Arizona State Constitution, which clearly says there can be no diminishment of retirement benefits.  PLEA will keep you posted as the PSPRS lawsuit moves forward.

CLICK HERE to read a copy of the ruling from the Judges’ lawsuit.