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Scottsdale Mayor Denies Citizens Request for Moment of Silence for Fallen Officer

Tuesday March 4, 2014 at a Scottsdale City Council meeting, Scottsdale resident Mr. Jim Aloisi, during the open comment portion of the meeting, asked for a moment of silence to honor  slain Phoenix Police Officer John Hobbs who was killed in the line of duty on March 3rd.  This request was denied by Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane (pictured).  PLEA was alerted to this and initially was unable to believe that any City official would deny such a simple request.  After viewing the video of the council session we found this in fact was the case.  While a moment of  silence was eventually observed at the request of another Councilperson, it occurred some 2 hours and 40 minutes later at the end of the meeting when the council chambers were all but vacant.  A moment of silence at that point in the game is called eyewash and damage control.  PLEA wasted no time in authoring a formal complaint letter which was sent to Mr. Lane.  Copies of this letter were sent to various media outlets as well.  PLEA has yet to hear from Mayor Lane.

Anyone wishing to express their views on the issue can contact Mayor Lane at:

CLICK HERE to read the complaint letter.

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CLICK HERE to view the complete video segment of Mr. Aloisi’s remarks on the Scottsdale City Council website (starts at 10 minute and 45 second mark).