Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Sentencing Hearing of Norma Lopez

On Friday, July 27, 2010, PLEA attended the sentencing hearing of Norma Lopez, a defendant in the murder trial of Officer George Cortez (pictured at left).  PLEA expressed both sympathy and encouragement to Tiffany Cortez and her father.  Along with family members and an officer from Glendale PD, PLEA President Mark Spencer requested that the judge impose the maximum sentence of 22 years.  The courtroom was standing-room only.  PLEA wishes to thank all of the Phoenix Officers and Detectives (Det. Bob Furneaux also spoke), MCSO personnel, and Gerald Richard from the Attorney General’s Office for taking the time to support the Cortez family.  Erin Purce (Victims Advocate) as well as Vince Goddard and his peers from the County Attorney’s office are to be commended for their work in serving police officers who are killed or injured in the line of duty.

On April 13th, talk radio station KFYI aired a report with comment from PLEA President Mark Spencer calling out Police Management for their failure to be in attendance or provide comment at the hearing.  A police department spokesperson went on air with KFYI stating that police management was not in attendance because they had never been given notification of the hearing from the office of the County Attorney.

On Tuesday, April 13, 2010, at 2:50 pm, Keith Manning of the County Attorney’s Office contacted PLEA and gave assurances that their office did indeed notify Phoenix Police Management of this hearing.  Once again, Police Management is quick to blame and slow to accept responsibility.

Listen Now! to news broadcast on KFYI with comment from PLEA President Mark Spencer.

Listen Now! to news broadcast on KFYI with comment from PLEA President Mark Spencer.

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