Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Setting The Record Straight

In regards to statements made during an interview with Arizona Republic reporter JJ Hensley by the attorney representing George Contreras in the Cotton Center Townhomes case, Craign Mehrens and Patrick Gann, the attorneys who represent Officers Aaron Lentz and Steve Peck released the following statement to PLEA President Joe Clure:

“We represent Officers Aaron Lentz and Steve Peck in what has become known as the Cotton Town Homes investigation.  As you may have read, all charges against our clients were dismissed on motion by Deputy Attorney General Todd Lawson after Judge O’Conner sent the case back to the Grand Jury and ordered Mr. Lawson to present the actual facts.  After he did so, the Grand Jury refused to indict our clients.  However, they did re-indict former Phoenix officer George Contreras.  Some of you may have read an article in the Arizona Republic by JJ Hensley which included an interview with George’s attorney, Cary Lackey, which indicated that our clients “made a deal” and ‘testified against George.’   That statement is false.  Absolutely no deal was made and our clients did not testify against George.”

PLEA has supported all of the officers involved in not only the criminal, but the internal investigations from the outset.