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Shane Figueroa’s Family Expresses Thanks

Retired PPD Officer Cory Figueroa, father of Shane Figueroa, recently wrote to PLEA to express thanks and gratitude from the family for all of the support that was shown during the recent sentencing hearing for the person who murdered Shane.

The email read as follows:

To all our loving family and friends –

On behalf of all of the Cory Fig family we truly want to thank each and every one of you who was able to attend the sentencing hearing on June 26th. The courtroom was packed and we realize that many of you had to stand. We apologize if we did not get to visit with you. We would have loved to have been able to spend some time with each of you, and we realize that not all of you were able to attend. To those that were not there or who may not know, the defendant was sentenced to 16 years which is the maximum time allowed under the plea agreement. We realize that the judge weighed heavily all of the letters submitted by all of you and the impact of this tragedy to your lives. As hard as this has been, we realize that it is the love and support of all of you, and the ministering angels sent by a loving heavenly father that is helping us to bear this cross.

We realize that there are no words or deed to appropriately express our gratitude to each of you. We are truly grateful to the Phoenix Police Department (Chief’s office/staff, Dave Faulkner, Marc Rivers, Rich Cosenza, Darci Nielsen, all of the case detectives, and last but not least…all the brave officers), Maricopa Police Department, PLEA…thanks Mark, Maricopa County Attorneys Office (Allister Adel and Erin Purce), 100 club, and COPS. This is probably not a complete list of all who deserve recognition and the blessings from on high, but the Lord knows who you are.

Thank you, thank you , thank you. We love you all.

Cory Fig family

PS….did you know?
1) June 21st was Shane’s birthday and first Fathers Day.
2) July 16th is Kenzlie’s 1st birthday.