Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Shane Figueroa’s Murderer Sentenced

The families of Shane Figueroa agreed to a sentencing plea from Salvador Vivas-Diaz for manslaughter.  The plea carried with it a 10.5-16 year penalty.  A trial would have produced a maximum penalty of 21 years.  The suspect, at the time of his arrest, was in the country illegally, had three fake identification cards, and had two prior DUIs.  After hearing statements from victim supporters and a statement from the suspect, Judge Kemp sentenced Diaz to 16 years.

PLEA made the following statement:

“Sadly, once again, another Phoenix Police Officer has been killed by an illegal alien.  Sadly, once again, another widow and her children, another father and mother are left with a huge void that can never be filled.

Indifference is the purest form of hatred.  The suspect showed indifference to the line on our southern border.  Apparently, it didn’t apply to him multiple times. The suspect showed indifference to our Arizona laws and the citizens they protect.  Apparently they don’t apply to him. And most egregiously, the suspect was indifferent to the life of Shane Figueroa.  Sadly, once again, indifference to the lines and indifference to the laws by a person who should NEVER have been here in the first place has cost another Phoenix Police Officer their life.

The courts of Arizona have shown this suspect mercy.  They have not required him to forfeit his life – he still breathes while Shane lies dead.  The taxpayers of Arizona, including Shane’s family and Phoenix Police Officers, have and will be paying for this suspect’s food, clothing, and medical care out of their own pockets.  Enough mercy for him.

Today I’m asking the court to show mercy to Shane’s personal and professional family.  Please send a clear message to counter the blatant hatred inflicted on officers of the court and families of our community by this suspect.”

PLEA would like to thank all of the Officers, Detectives, and Police Supervisory personnel that attended in order to show their support for Shane, his loved ones, and co-workers.

Public Safety Manager Harris could not attend.  He was at a pension board meeting defending his job position and benefits.