Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Suspect Denied Parole in 1992 Shooting of Phoenix Police Officers

On July 30, 1992, Officer Dave Logan #3039 and Officer Marla Wasser #4729 were working the Safe Streets Program in the area of 9th Street and Polk Street in the Garfield Neighborhood when they went to make contact with subjects who were Southside 9th Street Gang members.  Before the officers could exit their vehicle, Jaime Bernal opened fire on them, striking Officer Logan, the driver, in the neck, and Officer Wasser, the passenger, in the left hand.  Officer Wasser was able to return fire and hit Bernal in the shoulder, but he fled the scene and was later found hiding in a dumpster by Police K9 Hunter and taken into custody.  Bernal was sentenced to two consecutive terms in the Arizona Department of Corrections for the shootings.

While Officer Wasser eventually returned to work and later retired from the Phoenix Police Department, Officer Logan was never able to return to full duty due to his injuries and has been confined to a wheelchair since the shooting.

Bernal became eligible for parole on the term he was sentenced to for shooting Officer Logan in 2012 and has had multiple hearings since then.  On March 29, 2018, PLEA Secretary Frank Marino appeared before the Arizona Board of Executive Clemency in support of Officer Logan and Officer Wasser by requesting denial of parole for Bernal.  There was also a showing of support in the hearing chambers by uniformed Phoenix Police Officers including assistant Chief Mary Roberts.  Unlike previous hearings, due to his deteriorating health, Officer Logan was unable to appear but provided an emotional written letter. 

The Board once again unanimously voted to deny parole for Bernal, who also has an extensive discipline record since his incarceration.  PLEA will continue to represent our officers who have been seriously injured in the line of duty to ensure their assailants remain incarcerated and serve their full terms.