Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Taking The Cuffs Off The Cops

The work ethic of Phoenix Police Officers is amazing.  When this work ethic is combined with a proactive servant-leadership philosophy from the corner office in a precinct, the results can be impressive.  The mid-year (fiscal) precinct crime stats seem to bear this out.  Maryvale figures show the best impact percentage in:

Arrests/detentions………UP 8.3% (4 times the citywide percentage)

Violent crimes…………….DOWN 12.4%

Citation charges………….UP 31.6% (14 times the citywide percentage)

Property crimes…………. DOWN 18.5% (2 times the citywide percentage)

PLEA wants to commend Commander Tim Hampton for allowing the workers to work and getting them the tools they need to get the job done.  We’re hopeful that commanders throughout the Department will be quick to free the hands of officers and detectives to allow them to “energize their ethic” and have a positive impact on the communities they serve.

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