Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Townhomes Investigation Update

PLEA’s partnership with criminal defense attorneys in regards to the legal protections PLEA members deserve and need is vital to the principle of due process.  Phoenix Police Officers have been on the blunt end of subjective editorials reference the “Townhome Investigation.”  Like PLEA, Judge Karen O’Connor understands the value of due process and, like PLEA, she sees when an investigative process is not conducted in a fair and impartial manner.

Because of the lack of due process in the “Townhome Investigation,” officers being subjected to criminal prosecution initiated by former Attorney General Terry Goddard are having their criminal cases remanded back to the Grand Jury.  The attached motion is very clear.  Of the many critical statements regarding the State’s initial Grand Jury presentation, it contains three sentences that clearly encompass the poor quality of this AG investigation of Phoenix Police personnel:  “The Defendants are entitled to due process.  Due process requires a fair and impartial Grand Jury presentation.  THAT WAS NOT DONE HERE (emphasis mine).”  Another telling sentence from the judge is “In addition, the State is cautioned to present only factually accurate evidence throughout the entire Grand Jury presentation.”

CLICK HERE to read a copy of the remand order issued by Judge O’Connor.