Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Uniform Update as of 12-17-2012

As you may know, PLEA filed both a grievance with the City and a couple of unfair labor practices with the Phoenix Employment Relations Board (PERB) over Chief Garcia’s decision to eliminate the class D uniform.  PLEA feels that his unilateral decision to completely eliminate an optional uniform violated labor / management agreements, reduced YOUR total compensation package, and intrudes on the MOU.

The unfair labor practice is scheduled to go in front of a hearing officer early next year.  PLEA with be asking for PERB to issue an injunction which will in effect make the class D uniform an authorized uniform choice once again.  PLEA is also vacating the grievance and just this week served the City with a Notice of Claim, which is the precursor to a lawsuit.  PLEA is seeking class status which means all unit 4 members will be included.  PLEA is asking for those unit 4 members deprived of a portion of their allowance to be repaid  since the value of their uniform allowance was reduced by Chief Garcia’s unilateral, unwise decision.

As you can see, PLEA is aggressively fighting on multiple fronts to protect your paycheck and the MOU. We will keep you posted as this develops.