Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Uniform Update

On August 7, 2012 The Phoenix Police Department issued an ENS which said in part that PLEA met with Chief Garcia to discuss an alternative uniform option during the summer months.  This is an inaccurate statement because PLEA met with Chief Garcia last week to specifically discuss the Class D uniform and advocate for its year-round wear, as currently authorized.  PLEA agrees that all uniforms, including the Class D, should be in compliance with policy and in a serviceable and presentable condition, which contribute to a professional appearance.

PLEA also explained that we believed this to be a labor-management issue and an MOU issue, not a uniform committee issue.  PLEA will participate in the upcoming uniform committee meeting, but still believes this is not the appropriate place to discuss the class D uniform, as the uniform was born out of a labor- management agreement.  PLEA is also in the process of filing an unfair labor practice, as well as dozens of grievances from affected Unit 4 members.  If any Unit 4 members would like to file a grievance and have not done so yet, please email to be added to the list. Please include your name, serial number, city email address, phone number, and your Sergeant’s name and city email address.  PLEA will keep you updated as things progress.