Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Update Manpower/Staffing Issue; Meeting with Councilman DiCiccio

In our ongoing efforts to meet with and educate city council members on PD manpower and staffing concerns, PLEA met with Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio on Thursday January 26, 2017.  The meeting was productive.  Councilman DiCiccio pledged his commitment to assist and work with PLEA in finding realistic solutions to the PD manpower shortage.

Councilman DiCiccio openly stated to us that the Council bears responsibility for the current crisis we find ourselves in with regard to lack of manpower.  

PLEA emphasized the need to double down on police hiring and to allow our recruiters to travel out of state to recruit qualified applicants. We stressed that the only true solution to solve the problem is getting more bodies on the street.  Re-drawing boundaries and reorganizing manpower are merely symptoms of the true issue which is lack of manpower.

The following document, prepared by PLEA, outlines the staffing issues from a fact based perspective and has been provided to the Mayor and all members of the City council.

CLICK HERE to read the staffing document.