Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

Welcome New Reps

PLEA would like to extend a welcome to the following Officers / Detectives who have stepped up to the plate to become our newest PLEA Reps.  Anyone who has done the job of a Rep knows the hours can be long and the work arduous and thankless. The officers and detectives listed below clearly see the value in protecting those who protect the citizens.

Again many thanks to the following: Det. Desiree Sanchez, Det. Frank Duran, Det. Lorenzo Mares, Ofc. Jeff Tobey, Ofc, Bertie James, Det. Greg Myracle, Ofc. Brian Walsh, Ofc, Scott Sefranka, Ofc. Travis Morrison, Ofc. Darrell Kriplean, Ofc. Eric Gunnels, Ofc. Ryan Clark, and Ofc. Ernie Romero.