Phoenix Law Enforcement Association


On Thursday December 18, 2014 Phoenix Police Chief Daniel Garcia was given some of the same treatment he has dished out to numerous other employees over the past two and a half years when he was dismissed from his job as the Police Chief by Phoenix City Manager Ed Zuercher.  In the dismissal memo served on Chief Garcia, Mr. Zuercher cited insubordination, unprofessional conduct and behavior that does not support the City’s mission.  Prior to the press conference to announce his dismissal, Chief Garcia held his own press conference where he took shots at City leadership, the police unions, the ongoing vote of no confidence and the civilian oversight provided by the Civil Service Review Board.  The Chief also essentially demanded a two year contract that is not even permissible under the City Charter. It is unknown why the Chief did this.  Perhaps he momentarily mistook the Phoenix PD for an NFL franchise. If so, the Chief, by his own actions essentially secured his new status as a free agent.   This press conference was convened in violation of a direct order given him by his boss, Assistant City Manager Milton Dohoney.

It is ironic that Chief Garcia himself could not manage to follow orders and maintain the same basic standards of conduct he expected line level employees to observe at all times.

After being served with the dismissal memo, Chief Garcia was escorted home where he was made to surrender his badge, gun, and city car along with other city issued equipment.

The events of this day were a landmark event that have allowed the entire Phoenix Police Department to heave a collective sigh of relief and many will sleep easier knowing Garcia’s reign of tyranny has finally been brought to an end.

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